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EN2000 First Response Cleaning Products Distributors to the Health & Fitness Industry

EN2000 Fitness a division of Sanityze Cleaning Service & Supplies are exclusive distributors of the EN2000 First Response cleaning products range to the Australian Health & Fitness sector. The EN2000 First Response cleaning range is made in Australia to Australian standards and is used as the preferred cleaning product of choice in Cabrini Hospital, Metro Fire Brigade, Metro Trains, Salvation Army, F45 Training Studio to name a few.


Recommended Cleaning & Sanitisation Products for:
Gyms, Offices, Cafes, Restaurants & Workplaces



EN2000 SANI CLEAN - Spray & Leave Sanitiser / Disinfectant


SANI CLEAN Spray and Leave is your must-have cleaning and sanitisation product. The SANI CLEAN "Spray & Leave" is a premium grade ready to use sanitiser and disinfectant that you can spray onto just about any non-porous surface and leave it to dry by itself. It's perfect for the end of the day before you go home or whenever you need to sanitise a surface or touchpoints quickly. To use it just fill up your pressure spray pump and squeeze the trigger. A light mist, fog spray of SANI CLEAN comes out and lands evenly on the intended surface killing >99.9% of germs and bacteria within seconds. Just like any good hand sanitiser it dries quickly on its own with no smells or stickiness. The EN 2000 First Response Sani-Clean Spray and Leave really is a must-have if you are a gym owner, cafe or restaurant owner or want a fast sanitisation solution for your office or workplace.

EN2000 First Response Bacterine Gel Hand Sanitiser

With the recent onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now vital more than ever that you ensure your business or workplace is clean and safe for your clients and staff. EN2000 First Response bacterine gel is a premium quality hospital-grade, anti-bacterial hand sanitiser gel that kills >99.9% of bacteria and germs and ensures hands a clean and safe. The EN2000 bacterine hand sanitiser gel comes in a 500ml pump spray bottle as well as 5 litre refills. Compared to other hand sanitiser products the EN 2000 bacterine gel does not contain overpowering smells, it does not leave your hands sticky and it contains a moisturiser so regular use will not dry out your hands. The EN 2000 bacterine gel can also be used to refill free-standing automatic hand sanitiser dispensers and wall mounted hand sanitiser dispensers. Make sure when purchasing an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser you are not forced to use a particular hand sanitiser as you could end up using an inferior and more costly product compared to the EN 2000 bacterine gel.


EN2000 Bacterine Liquid Hand Sanitiser 

Similar to the EN2000 Bacterine Gel, the bacterine liquid is a fantastic alternative depending on the type of workplace you have or the intended application. The EN 2000 First Response bacterine liquid also comes in 500ml spray pump bottles and 5-litre refills. It can also be used in automatic hand sanitiser dispensers. Made by Enigma Clean in Oakleigh Melbourne, the Bacterine Liquid is an anti-bacterial and refreshing hand sanitiser that kills germs without the need for water. It's the ideal solution to use in automatic hand sanitiser dispensers such as the one shown below. Having a hand sanitiser stand at the entrance of your workplace will ensure everyone can sanitise their hands upon entry. The automatic hand sanitiser units disperse a controlled amount of baterine liquid so there is no mess or wastage. 

We supply hand sanitiser stands and automatic hand sanitiser dispensers. The wall mounted hand sanitiser units can be mounted on most wallls or onto the stand. 



When it comes to keeping your gym clean and safe for members and staff there is no better peace of mind COVID-19 prevention cleaning product than SANI CLEAN "Spray and Leave". While your members and staff are doing their best to wipe down equipment and surfaces during the day, you can't go wrong with the added benefit SANI CLEAN "Spray and Leave" provides gym owners and managers.... read more


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